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It is our management policy to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all our staffs. In the belief that all workplace accidents are preventable, Spark Integrated Services will ensure that risks to health and safety are managed efficiently and effectively. This involves identification; assessment and control of workplace hazards to ensure risks are reduced or eliminated. This commitment extends to sub - contractors who are engaged to perform work on behalf of Spark Integrated Services.

Our aim is to provide the best possible service to our clients in the safest way possible. The principles on which our policy is based are as follows:

  -To provide adequate training and information regarding safe work practices in the use of equipment and handling and storage of chemicals.
  -To clearly identify the responsibility and accountability of key personnel for safety and health in the organization
  -When providing service on a client's premises to ensure work practices do not put at risk the health, safety and welfare of the client's employees. We adopt a preventive approach by identifying hazards, assessing risks and implementing risk control strategies in the workplace.
  -To ensure that our staffs are aware of client's company's Occupational Health & Safety Policy and abide by that policy whilst on site. We maintain safety and health standards for all operations, employees and sub - contractors through the provision of appropriate instructions, training and supervision.
  -To record and investigate accidents or near misses and ensure appropriate corrective action is taken
  -Continually audit work practices of staffs on all sites where we provide service.

Spark Integrated Services equally expects that employees, contractors and members of the public will cooperate and adhere to safety and instructions to ensure their own safety in the work environment and not adversely affect the safety and health of any other person.