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Welcome to Spark Integrated Services-Our Strategy(Mission Statement)


Our Mission Statement

Spark Integrated Services strives to deliver fast service with the best results. We understand it is vital to do the job properly the first time and that your time is important. SIS invests in good quality industrial equipment so that all work is completed to the highest standards in the optimum time.

Through constant revision of our operating procedures, we are able to combine our clients' requirements with the latest technologies and management techniques to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved. This calls for an innovative approach, which we have been able to combine with our strong focus on customer service. Wherever possible, we use less hazardous products such as honey wax and lemon polish, vinegars, eucalyptus, and orange-based solutions. We use these products because they do a better job and are safer on you and the environment.

Our success is reliant on the honesty, reliability and thoroughness of our staff, which is why we invest more recruitment, selection and induction. Our staff are carefully selected, strictly supervised, paid above award wages and are rewarded for good performance, enabling us to provide the personalised and detailed service of a small company along with the professional approach that would be expected of a larger company. SIS has always utilised its expertise in fulfilling the requirements of all its clients with keen focus on all its operations coupled with skills of its staffs. This enables SIS to deliver its services with a high standard of quality, professionalism and commitment, whilst still remaining competitive.