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Welcome to Spark Integrated Services-Our Strategy(Vision Statement)


Our Vision Statement

Evidence shows that environmentally friendly cleaning procedures and products provide multiple benefits to buildings and their occupants. Nowadays, increasing number of businesses is no doubt expecting their cleaning companies to use "green" cleaning processes and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

At Spark Integrated Services, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices in order to create a healthier atmosphere for your business. For example, if you use air dryers in your bathroom instead of buying paper towels, you are reducing the amount of paper waste. If you or your commercial cleaning company uses eco-friendly cleaning products, your customers and employees will end up with fewer respiratory ailments, allergies, headaches, and skin sensitivities. A healthier environment increases productivity and makes your business more attractive to customers.

At Spark Integrated Services, we are aware that using environmentally friendly cleaning products is healthier for cleaning staff and building occupants. As a result, this also leads to higher employee morale, reduced absenteeism, and higher efficiency. We make sure that we do not just boast of using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We are continually educating our cleaning staffs on the most effective ways to perform their jobs while protecting the environment. We train our staff to use correctly diluted products and the right product for each job. This means, for example, that stains on carpets or upholstery are treated with the mildest, effective cleaner, thereby prolonging the life of expensive furnishings and reducing exposure to harsher chemicals. The field of green cleaning continues to expand, and with us as your partner, you can expect greater financial rewards and a happier, healthier environment for all.

At Spark Integrated Services, we focus on preventative practices that are environmentally friendly. You can use our expertise to implement your own program, making your building or facility a healthier place.